Damian Marley tells Mystic Vibes TV about the creative concept of the music video, “As We Enter”

Mystic Vibes TV was on hand to celebrate the triumphant return of Nas & Damian Marley @  the recent North Coast Music Festival Chicago IL. Sep 5th 2010 / as headliners performing songs  from the critically acclaimed album, “Distant Relatives”.

It was a blessing to witness the musical  merger of two  progressive soliders in today’s youth culture to collab together to send to the message of  love respect and spiritual  reverance for our African linage depsite where we are in the diaspora. 

“Distant Relatives” is an album that deserves to be played on heavy rotation on every Urban Contemporary muisc station  play list to deprogram our children who are in a  negative cultural & mental  matrix right now. That’s if they are sincere in promoting positve messages in music.

After congratualting Damian Marley personally on the success of the album.  (congrats extended to Nas as well),  Damian spoke to Mystic Vibes TV about the creative concept of the music video, “As We Enter” which is currently airing on heavy rotation on Mystic Vibes TV Chicago.    I will post info on air dates & times of the interview in the near future.

I strongly encourage all my prograssive brothers & sister to get “Distant Relatives”  It is my opinion that this album is the best album in 2010!

Mystic Vibes TV celebrates 15 years on the air! CAN TV Cable Channel 19 in Chicago, IL. 

Contact  Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer zezelmckenie@yahoo.com

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