Mystic Vibes TV Wins 2012 Chicago Music Awards for “Best Music Video Show”

  The only and longest runing  television show that features exclusively Reggae and World Music in Chicago, IL.,  Mystic Vibes TV recently won the Chicago Music Awards (CMA)  in the categroy of “Best Music Video Show”   The Chicago Music Awards is presented annually by Martin’s International Culture, Chicago.

As the Executive Producer I am very greatful for all of the support and votes from the viewers and the extended Reggae community including  Reggae fans.  I am happy that  in a global city like Chicago, that Reggae music is greatly appreciated. 

I did not make it to the actual ceremony due to unforseen circumstances.  However, there are some individuals I would like to acknowledge.

I give all glory and honor to my Divine Creator.  I am still a work in progress in this journey called life but I’m am still willing to be used as His vessel.

My parents, Herman A. McKenzie Sr. (deceased)   and Viola McKenzie.  Daddy you drilled in all of your kids head to be proud of our culture.   Moma, I credit you as the one who exposed us to the music when you purchased  the Bob Marley album “Rastaman Vibrations” and have it rock in the house at  67th and Green Street.  I also give thanks to my siblings but especaily to Headley McKenzie who has been riding shot gun with me from the begining of Mystic Vibes TV back in 1995.  You have been very loyal  and supportive  &  you contribute a huge role in the success of the show as an outstanding interviewer and behind the scenes     

I have to thank the entire Marley family/Gehtto Youths/Tuff Gong  including  Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, Robbie, Damian.  You were the  first artists   to utilize the format of the TV Show by appearing as guests to promote your projects and music videos and the Chicago viewers really apreciate your continued precence on local cable televsion.  Little do you know that I first reached out to the local Reggae community in this town and was not taken seriously. The Marleys and their franchises truly laid the foundation of the show. Thanks for giving me  episodes to air in the early years!

Judy Mowatt, you have been and ever present source of encouragement and support. Much love to you and your family.

Bridgette Stephenson,  You are a friend becuase you are my sincere  friend.  Not only  around stage show or festival time.  And with no selfish hidden agendas  May JAH always guide and protect you.

R.I. P. Roger Troutman of  “Roger Troutman and Zapp” .  You were my very first mentor in the music business.  I remember all that you taught me.

   The Chicago Cable Access Network (CAN TV)  I thank God that there is a television network in the city of Chicago available to present a wide range of programming that major media often neglects. Maximum respect to  the staff.

Thanks to all the record labels who submit music videos  and the Reggae artists who have been interviewed on Mystic Vibes TV.

Last but not least.  Thank you to my daughter Clarrissa McBee for your support.  I dedicate this award to my grandson Mykael Pearson.  It is my prayer that you grow to love who you are and to respect the culture of your ancestors.  I love you.      

As Mystic Vibes TV marches toward 17 years on the air.  I hope to continue to present to you the best of that  this genere called Reggae has to offer.

One Love

Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer

Mystic Vibes TV

Mystic Vibes TV airs on the CAN TV Network Cable Channel 19 Chicago IL.  Contact Ms. Zezel McKenzie Executive Producer

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