Episode Updates For March 2012/Mystic Vibes TV

“THIS IS RASTAFARI” Airing  In March 2012

The Rastafarian Community in Chicago Gathered in Chicago’s Washington Park to commemorate the 119th Earthstrong Groundation for His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor Of Ethiopia.   And to honor his legacy.  Mystic Vibes TV will feature interviews with Elders and guest speakers about the true meaning for the celebration and to dispel the many misconceptions of Rastafari.  

Queen Ifrica Speaks  “The Rastafarian Woman, The Invisible Visible”. 

There maybe 1,000’s of Rasta Women in Jamaica and the Caribbean,  however , there are few of them in  Midwest urban communities  cities  like Chicago, IL.  Queen Ifrica, one of  todays  leading conscious Reggae artist, shares her words of encouragement despite the isolation  and lack of social interaction with other sisters who live the lifestyle and journey of Rastafari.

Also During  Early Spring 2012

  New Music Videos!!!!



Tarus Riley

Richie Spice 

And Much More!!!!

Mystic Vibes TV airs on the CAN TV Network, Cable Channel 19 in Chicago.  Mystic Vibes TV is also the winner in the category of “Best Music Video Show” for the 2012 Chicago Music Awards.

To have your artist, band, event and or music video aired on Mystic Vibes TV, email Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer zezelmckenzie@yahoo.com 

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