Mystic Vibes TV Supports The New Wild Hare “Live Music License” Issue

     Recently, The Wild Hare, located at 2610 North Halsted street in Chicago reopened as a resturant/bar serving caribbean food.  It has been over a year since the Wild Hare which was located Clark street  was closed and it has been over a year since Reggae fans in the city of Chicago have a venue to enjoy the positive vibrations of Reggae/World Music 7 nights a week.

     The New management of the Wild Hare has been going through some heavy adversity in trying to obtain a  “Live Music License”  which is required by the City of Chicago in order to bring back  live Reggae/World Music on a regular basis. This does not only hurt the scores of talented singers and musicians in this genere, but the diverse demographic of Reggae fans in this city. 

     The was an opinion column which was posted in Chicago’s Red Eye online news  by contributor, Natalie Cammarata which give more detail about the opposition over the license issue  from the Wrightwood Neighbors Association.  That Assocaition has been describing the Wild Hare as a nuisance and “gansta bar”  ( Iwill provide a link so you can read the entire article.)

     There will be a hearing  Monday, N ov 26th 2012 at Chicago’ s City Hall.  As of this posting,  the time and room has not been announced.  I encourage that you go to the  Wild Hare Music website for that information. 

     Chicago boasts it’s self as a global city embracing all  diverse cultures including arts, food and music.  Why then is  right to have a venue that exclusivley showcases the positve vibrations of Reggae & World Music being challanged?

Mystic Vibes TV has produced a 60 sec. Public Service Announcement  which will air immediately on all of CAN TV’s 5  cable channels encouraging the public to attend and support the Wild Hare management in obtain the “Live Music License”.  I hope you will be there.


Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer Mystic Vibes TV

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