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Late Summer 2013 Mystic Vibes TV Episode Updates And More!

There is plenty of summer fun left in Chicago. And a lot of Mystic Vibes TV episodes for you Reggae fans to enjoy!

Mystic Vibes TV will air several encore presentations through out the next several weeks. Sister Carol, Mykal Rose (formerly of Black Uhuru) and Hip Hop legend, KRS One interviews and much more!
Mon Jul 29 @ 6pm
Tues. Jul 30 @ 1pm

Mystic Vibes TV “Classic Reggae Music Videos” Episode feat. music videos by Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers, Barrington Levy, Half Pint, Burning Spear and more.
Sat Aug 3 @ 2pm
Sun. Aug 18 @ 9pm
Mon Aug 19 @ 4pm

And in time for Jamaica’s 51st Independence Day, an encore airing of Chicago’s celebration of last years 50th Independence Day Celebrations which took place at Chicago’s Daley Center Plaza. This episode wil feat. excerpts of a speech from the Prime Minister of Jamaica The Hon. Portia Simpson Miller read by Chicago’s Jamaican Counsulate General, Mr. loyd Hyde and much more!
This 30 Min. Special Airing:
Sun Aug 4 @ 2pm
Tues Aug 6 @ 1:40pm

Zebulun Production Special
Zebulun Productions is my television production company that not only produces Mystic Vibes TV, but several other television projects. Nigerian born Mr. Sonny Akpan author of the book “Bringing Back Glamour into Marriage”, gives his frank discusssion about ture love and marriage in today’s society.
Sun Aug 25 @ 1am
Tue Aug 27 @ 1:05am


Radio DJs Mike Beal and Randolph Coleman of radio station WHPK 88.5 fm (Chicago), co-host highlights of the recent 21st Annual International Festival Of Life which was held in Chicago, Il. @ Uinon Park. This event is presented every year by Martin’s International Culture. Performance higihlights and interviews by:
Jr. Marvin (formelry of Bob Marley And The Wialers Band)
Roger Lewis of Inner Circle
Uroy Massala
J Nice of radio B96fm Chicago
DJ Boombositc
Carl Brown
And so much more!
Mystic Vibes TV will keep you posted concerning air dates & times!

Mystic Vibes TV has been airing on CAN TV Cable Channel 19 for 18 years!!!!

To have you music videos air on Mystic Vibes TV you must mail via post a DVD-R (Not DVD+R) copy. PLEASE NO SLACKNESS!!!!! Contact Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer for details.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Much Love,
Zezel McKenzie

Mystic Vibes TV Supports The New Wild Hare “Live Music License” Issue

     Recently, The Wild Hare, located at 2610 North Halsted street in Chicago reopened as a resturant/bar serving caribbean food.  It has been over a year since the Wild Hare which was located Clark street  was closed and it has been over a year since Reggae fans in the city of Chicago have a venue to enjoy the positive vibrations of Reggae/World Music 7 nights a week.

     The New management of the Wild Hare has been going through some heavy adversity in trying to obtain a  “Live Music License”  which is required by the City of Chicago in order to bring back  live Reggae/World Music on a regular basis. This does not only hurt the scores of talented singers and musicians in this genere, but the diverse demographic of Reggae fans in this city. 

     The was an opinion column which was posted in Chicago’s Red Eye online news  by contributor, Natalie Cammarata which give more detail about the opposition over the license issue  from the Wrightwood Neighbors Association.  That Assocaition has been describing the Wild Hare as a nuisance and “gansta bar”  ( Iwill provide a link so you can read the entire article.)

     There will be a hearing  Monday, N ov 26th 2012 at Chicago’ s City Hall.  As of this posting,  the time and room has not been announced.  I encourage that you go to the  Wild Hare Music website for that information. 

     Chicago boasts it’s self as a global city embracing all  diverse cultures including arts, food and music.  Why then is  right to have a venue that exclusivley showcases the positve vibrations of Reggae & World Music being challanged?

Mystic Vibes TV has produced a 60 sec. Public Service Announcement  which will air immediately on all of CAN TV’s 5  cable channels encouraging the public to attend and support the Wild Hare management in obtain the “Live Music License”.  I hope you will be there.


Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer Mystic Vibes TV

Stephen Marley & Jo Mersa Marley On Mystic Vibes TV Airing Soon.

Stephen Marley & Jo Mersa Marley On Mystic Vibes TV  Airing Soon.

Stephen Marley talks about what’s next for him after a successful year earning a 2012 Grammy for his album “Revelation The Root Of Life” Part 1 and an successful world tour. He told Mystic Vibes TV Executive Producer, Zezel McKenzie, that he is already working on Part 2 of the album of the same name. Also Chicago will be introuduced to Stephen’s son, Jo Mersa. Headley McKenzie talked to him about touring with his Dad.

Be Sure To Check Back For Air Date & Times

Stephen Marley, Jo Mersa Marley, Kevens, Mutabaruka, On Mystic Vibes TV Episode Updates Sep 2012

Hey Chicago Reggae Fans!

   Let me start off my letting you know that Mystic Vibes TV will take a 1 month hiatus and will return in Nov.  With an All- Star lineup of episodes!

Entire Episode Celebrating Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary Of Independence!

This episode will be history oriented looking back at Jamaica’s history and culture.  It will also feature highlights of the annual “Jamaica Day” celebrations which is hosted every year by the City of Chicago and various Jamaica cultural and social organizations.

Stephen Marley And Jo Mersa Marley

     It is always a pleasure to talk to Stephen Marley,  He was in great spirits after the awesome performance he,his son Jo Mersa Marley and Spragga Benz gave Sat Sep 22 @ Chicago’s “The Vic” Theatre. In an upcoming episode he will give an update on what how he is working hard on his next album “Revelation Part 2 The Root Of Life”.  This anticipated album is the follow-up of “Revelation Part 1 The Root Of Life which won him the 2012 Grammy  for “Best Reggae Album”.  Get ready Chicago and the world!  There is a 3rd generations of the Marley clan that I’m sure will create groundbreaking music.  Jo Mersa Marley will have his debut Chicago TV appearance on Mystic Vibes TV.  Interviewer, Headley McKenzie sat down to talk with Jo Mersa. 

International Rock-Reggae Artist, Kevens

     Kevens gave a high energy performance @ “The Park West” in Chicago in the month of Sept.  He shared the stage with Kymani Marley during a spectacular show put on by Ann Silberman and her team at Oneness  World Beat Music Productions.  Mystic Vibes TV will air an extensive interview with Kevens.  Viewers will know much more about him.  He is also promoting his new release “Baby Boo”.


Mutabaruka will always keep it real.  We talked  to him @ the previous 2012 International Festival Of Life (IFOL)  about his views about Jamaica’s future plan to leave the Commonwealth along with other positive insights which will air soon.

Zebulun Productions Other Projects

     Zebulun Productions is the presenter of Mystic Vibes TV. However, we produce a host of positive community cultural events. Airing soon, Highlights of the 83rd Annual Bud Billiken Parade and Breakfast.  This “Zebulun Productions Cultural Events Special” will feat. interviews with a host of  politicians, civic leaders and entertainers including,  Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, Jessie Jackson Sr., Former Bears, Otis Wilson and Hip Hop Rapper TI. 

Book Author, ‘How To Put The Glamour Back  In Marriage”  Sonny Akpan

Nigerian born Sonny Akpan share his insights on the state of marriage in today’s world and a view excerpts from his book “How To Put The Glamour Back In Marriage” also airing soon!

     So you see the crew has been very busy these past couple of months.  But don’t worry, Mystic Vibes TV will be back in Nov 2012 with a boat load of Brand new episodes!   that’s it for now!  

Mystic Vibes TV  and other Zebulun Production Cultural Event Special air on the CAN TV Network Cable Channel 19 in Chicago IL.  Any Reggae Artist who which to have their music videos air on Mystic Vibes TV, email the Executive Producer Zezel Mckenzie

IRAWMA Red Carpet Mystic Vibes TV Episode And More Updates!

The Mystic Vibes TV airing of the episode feat. highlights of the 31st Annual International Reggae And World Music Awards(IRAWMA) Red Carpet will air:

Mon Sep 3 @ 6pm

Tues Sep 4 @ 1pm

Sun Sep 9 @ 9pm

Mon Sep 10 @ 4pm

Chicago radio personality J Niice of B96 fm is special guest host.  Interviews will feature:

Marica Griffiths

Judy Mowatt

Copeland Forbes

Tony Rebel

Freddie McGregor

Tarrus Riley


Richie Stephens

Calypso Rose

D Angel

Guero Loco

Mr. Glenn Bucknor/Regional Director of The Jamaica Tourist Board



Mystic Vibes TV will present a special episode with higlights of the annual “Jamaica Day Celebrations” comemorating the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence. The event took place at Daley Center Plaza in Chicago, IL. 

The legendary Dub Poet, Mutabaruka will be feat. in an extended Mystic Vibes TV interview as he talks about the anticipated breaking away of the Island of Jamaica from Great Britian as a Comonwelath nation.

 New York based Reggae artist, “Yanks’s” 1st time  appearance on Mystic Vibes TV.

Mystic Vibes TV airs on the CAN TV Network, Cable Channel 19 in Chicago, IL.  Mystic Vibes TV is currently the winner of the 2012  Chicago Music Awards in the “Best Music Video Show” catagory. Mystic Vibes TV is the only television show in Chicago that is focused on the Caribbean culture which includes, Arts, Travel, History, Special Cultural, Events , Reggae and World Music.

Contact  Ms. Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer      



Episode Updates For March 2012/Mystic Vibes TV

“THIS IS RASTAFARI” Airing  In March 2012

The Rastafarian Community in Chicago Gathered in Chicago’s Washington Park to commemorate the 119th Earthstrong Groundation for His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor Of Ethiopia.   And to honor his legacy.  Mystic Vibes TV will feature interviews with Elders and guest speakers about the true meaning for the celebration and to dispel the many misconceptions of Rastafari.  

Queen Ifrica Speaks  “The Rastafarian Woman, The Invisible Visible”. 

There maybe 1,000’s of Rasta Women in Jamaica and the Caribbean,  however , there are few of them in  Midwest urban communities  cities  like Chicago, IL.  Queen Ifrica, one of  todays  leading conscious Reggae artist, shares her words of encouragement despite the isolation  and lack of social interaction with other sisters who live the lifestyle and journey of Rastafari.

Also During  Early Spring 2012

  New Music Videos!!!!



Tarus Riley

Richie Spice 

And Much More!!!!

Mystic Vibes TV airs on the CAN TV Network, Cable Channel 19 in Chicago.  Mystic Vibes TV is also the winner in the category of “Best Music Video Show” for the 2012 Chicago Music Awards.

To have your artist, band, event and or music video aired on Mystic Vibes TV, email Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer 

Link with Mystic Vibes TV on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!!!!

Mystic Vibes TV Wins 2012 Chicago Music Awards for “Best Music Video Show”

  The only and longest runing  television show that features exclusively Reggae and World Music in Chicago, IL.,  Mystic Vibes TV recently won the Chicago Music Awards (CMA)  in the categroy of “Best Music Video Show”   The Chicago Music Awards is presented annually by Martin’s International Culture, Chicago.

As the Executive Producer I am very greatful for all of the support and votes from the viewers and the extended Reggae community including  Reggae fans.  I am happy that  in a global city like Chicago, that Reggae music is greatly appreciated. 

I did not make it to the actual ceremony due to unforseen circumstances.  However, there are some individuals I would like to acknowledge.

I give all glory and honor to my Divine Creator.  I am still a work in progress in this journey called life but I’m am still willing to be used as His vessel.

My parents, Herman A. McKenzie Sr. (deceased)   and Viola McKenzie.  Daddy you drilled in all of your kids head to be proud of our culture.   Moma, I credit you as the one who exposed us to the music when you purchased  the Bob Marley album “Rastaman Vibrations” and have it rock in the house at  67th and Green Street.  I also give thanks to my siblings but especaily to Headley McKenzie who has been riding shot gun with me from the begining of Mystic Vibes TV back in 1995.  You have been very loyal  and supportive  &  you contribute a huge role in the success of the show as an outstanding interviewer and behind the scenes     

I have to thank the entire Marley family/Gehtto Youths/Tuff Gong  including  Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, Robbie, Damian.  You were the  first artists   to utilize the format of the TV Show by appearing as guests to promote your projects and music videos and the Chicago viewers really apreciate your continued precence on local cable televsion.  Little do you know that I first reached out to the local Reggae community in this town and was not taken seriously. The Marleys and their franchises truly laid the foundation of the show. Thanks for giving me  episodes to air in the early years!

Judy Mowatt, you have been and ever present source of encouragement and support. Much love to you and your family.

Bridgette Stephenson,  You are a friend becuase you are my sincere  friend.  Not only  around stage show or festival time.  And with no selfish hidden agendas  May JAH always guide and protect you.

R.I. P. Roger Troutman of  “Roger Troutman and Zapp” .  You were my very first mentor in the music business.  I remember all that you taught me.

   The Chicago Cable Access Network (CAN TV)  I thank God that there is a television network in the city of Chicago available to present a wide range of programming that major media often neglects. Maximum respect to  the staff.

Thanks to all the record labels who submit music videos  and the Reggae artists who have been interviewed on Mystic Vibes TV.

Last but not least.  Thank you to my daughter Clarrissa McBee for your support.  I dedicate this award to my grandson Mykael Pearson.  It is my prayer that you grow to love who you are and to respect the culture of your ancestors.  I love you.      

As Mystic Vibes TV marches toward 17 years on the air.  I hope to continue to present to you the best of that  this genere called Reggae has to offer.

One Love

Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer

Mystic Vibes TV

Mystic Vibes TV airs on the CAN TV Network Cable Channel 19 Chicago IL.  Contact Ms. Zezel McKenzie Executive Producer

Mystic Vibes TV 2011 YEAR IN REVIEW!!

As the yaer 2011 draws to a close, I want to thank the viewers and fans of the only & longest running television show that presents the island Caribbean culture and music in Chicago, Mystic Vibes TV. Mystic Vibes TV has been airing on the CAN TV Network Cable Chanel 19 in the city of Chicago, IL. for over 16 years. And claiming to promise many more.

There were a few first time artists who appeared on the show to promote new their projects and sat down for some very candid interviews.
Aston “Familyman” Barrett  of  the Wailers  was on hand to spread the positive Vibes ( during the bands stopover in Chicago)  winter 2011 tour @ The House Of Blues.     He was interviewed by Wluw fm’s Slacky J.  

The Mighty Diamonds(also 1st appearance)  were one of two  shows  that Mystic Vibes TV dedicated and entire episode featuring the Jamaican trio’s legacy, albums and  their stage performance at the Wild Hare.  I want to thank “Radio Babylon’s” Field Marshall who did a wonderful sit down interview with the group.

And Just When Chicago Was Gearing  Up For The Active Reggae Season!

May 15 2011, was a bittersweet day for the Chicago Reggae community, as we had to say farewell to the institution that gave us Reggae 7 days a week, The Wild Hare.  It was a moving tribute to the host of Reggae bands, DJ’s staff and management who put The Wild Hare and our music on the map in the Midwest and kept it going for 30 years.   Mystic Vibes TV featured a 1 hour  special episode in tribute to The Wild Hare which also included an  in dept  interview  about the journey with the owner, Zeleke Gessesse.


Mystic Vibes TV interviewer,  Headley McKenzie did his annual duties anchoring the  2011 Martin’s International Culture  International Festival of Life(IFOL).  There were featured interviews and a sample of stage performances that included, Machal Montano, Freddie McGregor  Glen Jones and many more.

The return of the Hallie Selassie I Groundations commemorating  H.I.S. 119th Earthstrong.  This event took  place in  Washington Park  just a few blocks away from President  Barack Obama’s Chicago home.  The Rastafarian community and Elders of the gathering share their insights and encouragement on Mystic Vibes TV.

Ziggy Marley will appear on the show soon with some stage performances that I taped at the “Cubby Bear” back in Oct.

And of course  I want to thank the many artists who have submitted their music videos, (remember DVD-R) there have been many positive tunes out there! 

31st  Annual Chicago Music Awards!

Mystic Vibes TV is also nominated in the category of “Best Music Video Show” for the upcoming  31st Annual Chicago Music Awards.  The fans can vote online at  the deadline in 31 Dec 2011.   I want to congratulate the Chicago Music Awards  nominees in some of the categories in Reggae/Dancehall And World Music:



Kenny Rox


Carl Brown

Danjah Rus


Best DJ Dancehall

DJ Slacky J

DJ Boom Bostic

Papa G

DJ Swaky

DJ Rufus   

You can also on the website to see who is nominated in the  Best Calypso/Soca Entertainer and African Entertainer.


I am very much looking forward to be part of the action. And you know Mystic Vibes TV will keep you posted.

You have a very peaceful  festive holiday  season!


Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer

Mystic Vibes TV  




There are plenty of  episodes in the works which will be airing on Mystic Vibes TV in Chicago during the late fall early winter 2011.


Interviews and stage performances will feat.





This encore episode will air:

THU. OCT 27 @ 8pm AND  FRI. OCT 28 @ 3pm


After several years on hiatus, the Rastafarian Community in Chicago,  put together a well organized family event in Washington Park to honor the legacy of the Emperor of Ethiopia, His Imperial Majesty, Halie Selassie I, his commemorating his 119th Earthstrong.  There will be several insightful comments and interviews from Chicago’s Rastafarian community.


Legendary International Reggae Artist, Freddie McGregor has very strong opinions concerning the state of Jamaica’s music industry in the wake of much publicized negativity surrounding the music coming from some of the younger Artist.



Also airing around the holiday season, (Only On Mystic Vibes TV), Ziggy Marley performs 3  songs from his current album. “Wild And Free”  which he performed in a packed house at Chicago’s Cubby Bear.   Also  an update on his charitable organization URGE.       


As you know Mystic Vibes TV features an hour of the latest Reggae music videos.  Here are the new music videos that are on regular rotation!!!  (NOTE TO REGGAE ARTISTS)!! Please Please submit  your music videos via mail on DVD-R or Mini Dv format. Email for mailing address.)  

“DiscriminationKenny Rox

“Lose A Friend”  I Octane

“Distance Is A Monster”  Ringo Roots 

“Angel To Me”      Ringo Roots

“Fyah Blaze”  Ras Indio

Mystic Vibes TV airs on the CAN TV Network Cable Channel 19 in the city of Chicago!!

That’s it for now!! 


Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer

The Wild Hare Tribute Featured In Entire Episode Of Mystic Vibes TV In Chicago Air Dates & Times!!!

Zeleke Gessesse, owner of  the former Wild Hare in Chicago will be  featured in a very candid interview which was taped just days before the historic closing of an era of Reggae in Chicago.  The Mystic Vibes TV episode subtitled “The Music, The Memories, The Wild Hare” w ill also take a nostalgic look back at the evolution of the Reggae scene in Chicago which began in the m id 70’s.  The city’s Reggae community also shares their memories and more!

The Air Dates & Times!

Sat. Aug 6 @ 3pm

Mon Aug 15th @ 9pm

Tues Aug 16th @ 4pm

Mystic Vibes TV airs on the CAN TV Network, Cable Channel 19 in Chicago.  Contact Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer