The Wild Hare Tribute Featured In Entire Episode Of Mystic Vibes TV In Chicago Air Dates & Times!!!

Zeleke Gessesse, owner of  the former Wild Hare in Chicago will be  featured in a very candid interview which was taped just days before the historic closing of an era of Reggae in Chicago.  The Mystic Vibes TV episode subtitled “The Music, The Memories, The Wild Hare” w ill also take a nostalgic look back at the evolution of the Reggae scene in Chicago which began in the m id 70’s.  The city’s Reggae community also shares their memories and more!

The Air Dates & Times!

Sat. Aug 6 @ 3pm

Mon Aug 15th @ 9pm

Tues Aug 16th @ 4pm

Mystic Vibes TV airs on the CAN TV Network, Cable Channel 19 in Chicago.  Contact Zezel McKenzie/Executive Producer

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